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For Faithful Finish Lines Current Ongoing Members ONLY

Faithful Finish Lines Summer Weight Loss Challenge

5 Weeks ~ June 27-July 31

Fee: $25

(Prizes this year, you guys! FREE HEALTHY GROCERIES!!!!! Keep reading!)

FFL Summer Weight Loss Challenge

Why Join the FFL Summer Weight Loss Challenge?

Summer is FUN but it’s also a busy time of year. It’s a great time for weight loss because of awesome fresh produce and more opportunity for physical activity.

But, summer tends to be a time of different schedules, and you need the accountability of a program to keep you on track and motivated.

The Faithful Finish Lines Summer Weight Loss Challenge is 5 weeks, so for most people, setting a goal of losing 5-10 pounds is realistic. (Check with your doctor for sure.)

Corinne, our Faithful Finish Lines personal trainer, is leading us through this program and she has training in fitness and extra training in nutrition and weight loss. Talk to Corinne if you have specific questions or need accommodations.

Finish the challenge lighter, healthier, and ready to walk into fall feeling strong and confident!

What Are the Goodies?

Here is what YOU GET when you join this challenge!

  • New! Prizes!!! Everyone needs a little motivation now and again, and extra rewards are always great. We will be giving away some sweet prizes. See below for more details. EVERYONE has a chance to win — how much weight you lose does NOT matter.
  • New! Weekly weight loss activities. Corinne has put together specific weekly weight loss action steps you can take to move you toward fast success.
  • Private Facebook group only for FFL Weight Loss group members to provide accountability.
  • Personalized attention from FFL leaders.
  • Weekly reporting of your weight loss or gain (not your weight, just your loss or gain) for personal accountability.
  • Weekly Bible memory verse

What is Your Commitment?

Your commitment is to participate to the best of your ability. Part of the success of this program is that the group comes together to give each other support and accountability.

Don’t join unless you plan to follow through on your commitment for the 5 weeks. Your other group members are counting on you!

What Happens During the 5 Weeks?

Here’s how the challenge will work. Each week Corinne will guide us through a different weight loss activity and specific steps to take.

Faithful Finish Lines Summer Weight Loss Challenge

  1. June 27-July 3 Fill Up on Fiber
  2. July 4-July 10 Portions with Your Palm
  3. July 11-July 17 Snack on Whole Foods
  4. July 18-July 24 Add Veggies to Every Meal
  5. July 25-July 31 Add More Activity to Each Day


Grand Prize: $50 in FREE HEALTHY GROCERIES! 1 Whole Foods, Door to Door Organics, or Amazon Gift Card, your choice!!!!

First Place: 1 Running by the Book Prize Pack: Running by the Book tech Shirt, Running by the Book signed book, and a few surprise running goodies

Second Place: Running by the Book signed book

Winning prizes is NOT based on how much weight you lose. Your chances for the prize are based on participation.

EVERY week you can earn tickets for the following activities:

  • Report your weight loss or gain to the group on Monday.
  • Post a photo pertaining to the weekly topic on your personal Facebook page using the FFL hashtag (#FFL or #faithfulfinishlines)
  • Post a photo pertaining to the weekly topic on your personal Instagram page using the FFL hashtag
  • Participate in the discussion in the Facebook FFL weight loss group or general group (1 ticket per week)
  • Other ways to earn tickets will be announced as we go!
  • Report your tickets to Corinne each Sunday night and she will keep track. You must report for that week by that Sunday night. (You cannot report at the end all at once.) Prizes will be drawn at the end of the challenge.

Are you in? Come and join us!

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