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Faithful Finish Lines Winter, 2017 Dates

Week 1/January 9 – Faithful Finish Lines are God-given
Week 2/January 16 – Faithful Finish Lines have a Simple, Measurable Plan
Week 3/January 23 – FFL include Mission & Fun
Week 4/January 30 – FFL Balance Family Priorities
Week 5/February 6 – FFL Promote Eating for Energy
Week 6/February 13 – FFL focus on the Reward
Week 7/February 20 – FFL have a Rhythm of Running and Resting


FFL Summer Weight Loss Challenge Resource Page

Best Core Exercises (with photos of proper form)


Week 1 Sneak Peek: Fill Up on Fiber (Summer Challenge Sneak Peek)

FFL.RBTB week one.Fiber goal instructions



Real Fitness. Healthy Eating. New You. A Busy Woman’s Mini-Course

Real Healthy New Mini Course|Faithful Finish Lines

Click Here to Access the Real Fitness. Healthy Eating. New You: The Busy Woman’s Mini Course: Resource Page


Bloggers Information Page (Includes Logos and Disclaimer)


Faithful Finish Lines Victory Circle

Let’s celebrate your success!

  • pictures of previous finish lines successes (inspiration!)
  • lists of previous goals (great for ideas)


Recommended Products Page


Facebook Resources

Tips for How to Participate in a Live Facebook Chat ( 4 minute video)

Tips for Facebook Community Groups ( 3 minute video)



The Core Counts — by Chris Drews

Core Exercises — by Jill Csillag


Setting Goals

Stepping Up to Your Fitness Goals — by Chris Drews