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Faithful Finish Lines Blogger Program

Are you interested in improving your own faith and fitness, while growing your blog and inspiring your readers?

Check out the Faithful Finish Lines Blogger affiliate program.



An affiliate program is expected to begin Jaunary 1, 2018. Check back soon for more details.


“What surprised me most about this challenge is, it isn’t all about working out. There are Bible verses for memorizing and a prayer challenge for each week. This is not like anything I have ever been a part of. It is truly a work out program for your body, mind and soul.”

–Amanda, Blogger at Airman2Mom

“I am so grateful for the privilege to be associated with Faithful Finish Lines. My life has been enriched, if not transformed, by Sara’s instructions and encouragement. I am thrilled to be a part of the great community of inspired and inspiring fellow Finish Liners.”

–Sharon, Blogger at I Dare To Be Happy


“This is not dieting. I have never believed that people lose weight and keep it off by dieting. This is about changing my attitude toward health, making better decisions, and getting active. This is about the finish line. This is about making bite size goals that I can accomplish daily, weekly, monthly.”

–Danielle, Blogger at

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