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Becky Brown

Hi! I'm Becky. I'm passionate about helping women live in their identity in Christ through Scripture, prayer journaling, and gratitude.

I'm also an ACE- and IHF-certified health coach who uses my own 100-pound weight loss journey to help women lose weight one small change at a time in a faith-based, grace-focused way, keeping God at the center of their weight loss journey.

I've led over 40,000 women through free weight loss challenges and I also run Faithful Finish Lines, a Christian weight loss program, with Sara. I eat a healthy balance of vegetables and Nutty Bars and rarely cook the same recipe twice.

I live in Texas with my husband and 2 sons, who are the loves of my life.

Struggling with food cravings? Use the 3 Ps to give you a practical way to respond to the temptation to overeat treats on your Christian weight loss journey. Food cravings can be intense. They can come over you when you least expect it – driving past a billboard with a giant picture of a hamburger, …

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Pray this prayer for emotional eating when you’re struggling with emotional eating on your weight loss journey. Emotional eating is such a big struggle and, in our culture, eating for emotional reasons is acceptable and even encouraged! You get the picture. There are 1,001 ways we can eat emotionally and as someone who has been …

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