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5 Affirmations for Food Cravings That Changed My Life

Take control of unhealthy eating patterns with these affirmations for food cravings and experience your own breakthrough with God’s help.

I have always been a person who craved chocolate. Not really sweet stuff in general, but specifically chocolate. 

Of course, at my top weight of 349 pounds, I ate a lot of unhealthy foods and would say, “I’m craving …”. But on reflection, my only real craving was chocolate, all the time.

I would do anything to get a piece of chocolate. I even ate my children’s holiday candy. 

One year I had to buy chocolate stocking stuffers for Christmas four times because I kept eating them before they made it to the stockings.

Each time I would reach for chocolate was a time I was not reaching for God. 

I was embarrassed that chocolate controlled me and would hide from God as I ate. Now, I couldn’t really hide, but I would try. 

There were times that I even purposely did not pray for help because I wanted that chocolate.

My words sound like that of an addict, and I was. I was putting chocolate first in my life. I would and did take money from bills for chocolate, ate it in private, and thought about it every day.

Do you get cravings for food in general or a specific food?

God taught me that He wants me to put Him where I had put chocolate. He wants to be the center of my life. He wants the rest of my life to be healthy and balanced.

Well, even when I finally realized this, I didn’t wake up one day and have everything changed. 

It was hard work that God helped me through. 

God can help you through this as well.

I used affirmations to align my thoughts with God’s plans for me to have a balanced and healthy life. 

There is great power in Bible-based affirmations. We are going to look at why and how we are open to this power and we are going to take a closer look at 5 affirmations that worked for me.

  • I am a temple of the Holy Spirit, and I choose to honor God with healthy food choices.
  • With Christ’s strength, I have the power to resist cravings and make choices that nourish my body
  • I find true satisfaction and joy in the sustenance God provides for me
  • I am mindful of my hunger cues and listen to what my body truly needs, guided by God’s wisdom
  • When cravings arise, I turn to prayer. I trust in God’s perfect plan for my health and well-being

Biblical Basis for Affirmations

Power of Words

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” 

Proverbs 18:21

This verse underscores the profound impact words can have on our lives. 

Biblically-based affirmations are declarations of truth you speak over yourself.

By affirming positive, faith-filled truths, we tap into the power of words to shape our reality. 

Just as Proverbs 18:21 highlights the importance of speech to bring life or death, Biblical-based affirmations contain the power of God’s promises.

They offer encouragement, strength, and transformation. 

Renewing the Mind

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Romans 12:2  

This verse emphasizes the importance of aligning our thoughts and beliefs with God’s truth. 

When we engage in Bible-based affirmations, we actively participate in this process of renewing our minds. 

By speaking and meditating on affirmations grounded in scripture, we replace negative thought patterns and worldly perspectives with God’s perspective and promises. 

Renewing our minds transform our attitudes, behaviors, and ultimately, our lives. 

God’s Strength

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

This verse highlights the source of true strength: Christ. 

If you have read any of my other articles, you will know that this is my favorite verse. I can do nothing without Christ, Thank God I don’t have to. Neither do you.

Bible-based affirmations lead us to God’s limitless strength. 

Affirming statements such as “I am strong in the Lord” or “I can overcome any challenge through Christ” align our minds with God’s promises and empower us to access His strength in every situation. 

My Top 5 Affirmations for Food Cravings

5 Affirmations for Food Cravings
Use these affirmations from God’s Word to fight food cravings.

These affirmations are my top 5. They helped me, and they can help you. There are many affirmations and these are not the only 5. You can create ones to match your specific needs. 

The affirmation is the statement, which I would recommend be written on a card that you can post and see and state every day. 

A scripture follows the affirmation. The scripture is what backs up the affirmation and shows us in God’s words, His promise.

Affirmation #1: I am a temple of the Holy Spirit, and I choose to honor God with healthy food choices.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;  you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Affirmation #2: With Christ’s strength, I have the power to resist cravings and make choices that nourish my body.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13

Affirmation #3: I find true satisfaction and joy in the sustenance God provides for me.

“For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”

Psalm 107:9

Affirmation #4: I am mindful of my hunger cues and listen to what my body truly needs, guided by God’s wisdom.

“For drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”

Proverbs 23:21

Affirmation #5: When cravings arise, I turn to prayer. I trust in God’s perfect plan for my health and well-being.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

James 1:5

Making Affirmations Work Through Prayer

Seeking God’s Guidance

I am sure you have all read warnings that state, “Speak to your doctor before…”. Well, it is important to seek/speak to God for His guidance whenever you are making a decision.

How do we start?

1. Set aside dedicated time for prayer: Choose a specific time each day to spend in prayer. This could be in the morning to start your day or in the evening to reflect and prepare for the next day.

2. Begin with prayer: Ask God to guide you as you begin your walk with affirming statements. Acknowledge your dependence on Him and ask for His wisdom to choose affirmations that align with His will for your life. You can start with the 5 above or create your own, let God guide you.

3. Select affirmations based on scripture: Choose affirmations that are grounded in biblical truth and reflect God’s promises for you..

4. Speak your affirmations in prayerful reflection: As you speak your affirmations, allow each affirmation to sink deep into your heart and mind, inviting the Holy Spirit to work in you and through you.

By integrating prayer and seeking God’s guidance into your affirmation practice, you invite His power and wisdom to work in and through you, leading to greater transformation.


You have asked for God’s guidance and now it is time to surrender to His Wisdom and Power.

1. Start with prayer: Begin each day with prayer, inviting God into your journey towards healthy eating. Ask for His guidance, strength, and wisdom to make choices that honor Him and nourish your body. Tell Him you surrender your will to His.

2. Repeat affirmations in prayerful surrender: Throughout the day, repeat your chosen affirmations and let go of any feelings of control or anxiety about your eating habits, and instead, trust in God’s plan for your health.

3. Practice mindful eating: As you eat, practice mindfulness by being present in the moment and attentive to your body’s hunger and fullness cues. 

Offer a silent prayer of gratitude for the food before you and invite God to bless it for nourishment. Mindfully surrender your desires/cravings for God’s choices.

4. End each day with gratitude: At the end of the day, take time to reflect on the ways God has guided and provided for you in your journey towards healthy eating. Offer a prayer of gratitude for His faithfulness, surrendering any concerns or worries into His hands.


You have chosen your affirmations. They can and will change over time depending on your current needs and God’s guidance.

You have surrendered your will to God’s design.

Now, it is time to show gratitude for all God is doing in your life.

1. Morning Prayer of Gratitude: Start your day with a prayer of gratitude, thanking God for the nourishment and strength He provides. 

2. Integrate Gratitude Affirmations into Daily Routine: Select affirmations that express gratitude for God’s provision and strength (example: “I thank God for His strength in moments of weakness”), and incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Repeat them during moments of prayer, reflection, or whenever you feel tempted to stray from your health goals.

3. Pause for Prayerful Reflection: When you have moments of weakness or temptation, pause for prayerful reflection. Thank God for His strength and ask for His help in overcoming the temptation. 

4. Reflect on Daily Blessings: At the end of each day, offer a prayer of gratitude for God’s faithfulness and provision,especially in your moments of weakness.

Success Stories

My Story

I began this article with my challenges. My chocolate cravings and being 349 pounds.

I have used these very affirmations and many others. Many I have found through The Holy Mess and then asking for God’s guidance to decide which ones were for me.

When visiting my home you will see Scripture and affirmations adorning my walls. 

Every time I walk by them I state them, and while they remain on my walls, I now can state them by memory. I have internalized them, and believe them to be true of me.

There were times when I was so embedded in a craving that I could not state a full affirmation or even pray a full prayer. 

I would simply say, “God is here”, or “I am strong with God’s help I can do this”. He heard and He helped.

My journey was not a short one, but at age 58 I have lost 145 pounds. 

Do I still want chocolate? Well, I enjoy sugar-free chocolate on occasion, but I don’t need it. I don’t crave it.

I now crave God. I pray and state affirmations all day. Each time a negative thought or craving comes to bear, I ask for help and guidance. 

There are times I give in and have food I shouldn’t and times that a negative thought gets through and for a second, I believe it, but God is always with me and never leaves me.

God can do all this and more for you. 

I invite you to Join the Free Christian Weight loss Group. This is a group of Christian women who support each other in our journeys through weight loss and gaining health while we move closer and closer to God.

If you are a person who needs steps and guidance to support you in tandem with God’s guidance, I would encourage you to join the Faithful Finish Lines membership. This is a highly supportive, guided program through weight loss while drawing close to God. 

Overcoming Challenges with Faith

Temptations are Normal

Temptation is normal for us all, it even was for Jesus.

Jesus went into the desert for forty days and forty nights to fast and pray. During this time, he was tempted by Satan, who appeared to him in various forms.

Jesus was even tempted with food. He was hungry and fasting and Satan told Jesus to turn stone to bread. Jesus’s response? He prayed. He relied on His father, God.

The example He provided for us is to pray and rely on God. 

When tempted, say your affirmations that are based on Scripture and have faith. God is with you and He will provide you with strength.

I had to stop looking at my temptation struggles as failures and look at them as opportunities for further growth in God.

My husband and I were watching a movie the other day about a young girl who had such strong faith that she could cure others. At one point, someone asked her why she could heal and she said, “I don’t. God is here and He heals”. My husband turned to me and said, “That sounds like you.” 

My faith has grown tremendously once I renewed my mind, started stating affirmations, and including God in every step of my life. I had a lot of temptations and therefore a lot of opportunities for growth.

God will help you. He will support you. He will give you strength.

Progress, Not Perfection

We all want perfection. Were there times when you knew you did everything right and still no downward movement on that scale?

I am there now. Although I am not sure I’m doing all right, I can improve, but I am so much better than before in my choices and yet that scale won’t go where I want it to.

Then I remember, I am doing better. I am making better choices. I am turning to God. I have lost 145 pounds. 

We need to practice self-compassion and give ourselves grace.I am sure many of you would extend grace to me and tell me I am doing well and shouldn’t be so hard on myself; but would you turn and say the same to yourself? 

You are a child of God. His love is not based on what you do. His love is freely given.

Celebrate your progress. Focus on your closeness to God. Little steps will lead to big achievements. 

What helps you during food cravings? Share in the comments below.

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FAQs About Affirmations For Food Cravings

How can affirmations help me with food cravings specifically?

Affirmations provide positive reinforcement toward your healthy lifestyle goals. Each time you say your affirmation you recommit to that goal.

Affirmations shift your mindset to an empowered one. They help in renewing your mind and aligning your thoughts with God’s plans.

Affirmations can also help reduce stress, which is often a trigger for food cravings. By saying affirmations that promote relaxation and calmness, such as “I trust in God’s strength to help me overcome cravings,” you can reduce the likelihood of turning to food for comfort.

Do I have to say my affirmations out loud for them to work?

No, saying affirmations out loud is not a requirement for them to work. While speaking affirmations aloud can be beneficial for some people, it’s not the only way to practice them effectively. 

You can do silent affirmations, where you silently repeat affirmations to yourself in your mind. The key is to focus on the meaning and intention behind the affirmation. I often do this in public.

You can do written affirmations, where you write down your affirmations in a journal or on sticky notes and place them where you’ll see them regularly. 

As I have mentioned my house is evidence of doing written affirmations and then I say the affirmation every time I see it.

How long will it take for affirmations to help with my food cravings?

This varies from person to person. It depends on your consistency in practicing affirmations and how much work God has for you. 

He had a lot of work for me. I have been working on this for a decade, but 2 years ago I decided it was time to be serious. I did every bit of advice I had read and heard from anyone, but those negative messages would talk me into quitting. 

Then I received an email with affirmations and I said, “Why not”. I wrote down the affirmations, put them on my walls and said them daily. I felt my mind shift long before my body started to. 

God had a different plan for me. I was meant to take a path that would be extreme.

I had bariatric surgery, and no, it wasn’t easy and still isn’t easy, but it was the right path for me. I am so glad that God led me here.

I had the surgery, prayed every day, said my affirmations every day, kept up with the guidelines from Faithful Finish Lines membership and sought out prayer from others in the Christian Weight Loss Support Group. 

For m, it took a lifetime, but in reality, once I became serious and started practicing daily (minute-by-minute) affirmations my mindset changed and then my body changed.

I was 349 pounds on March 15, 2023, and today, May 21, 2024, I am 205 pounds. For close to 3 months now I have gone from 205 to 207 and back to 205, but my mindset is strong, and the affirmations work.

Do you have 200 pounds to lose? Or 100 pounds? Or 20 pounds? All of these will vary on how long it will take.

Are affirmations enough, or do I need to change my diet too?

Affirmations are a tool. No carpenter goes to work with one tool; they bring their toolbox. 

You need a toolbox. The box is God and then within God’s wisdom and guidance, you bring your affirmations, prayers, healthy food choices, healthy movement choices, and supportive community. 

You can start with just affirmations. As your mindset changes, you will find you are well equipped with God’s strength to take on healthy eating and movement. 

I encourage you to join the free Christian Weight Loss Support Group as your community or as an addition to your existing community.

What if I slip up and give in to a craving? Does that ruin everything?

No, slipping up and giving in to a craving does not ruin everything. It’s important to remember that setbacks and occasional indulgences are a normal part of the journey toward healthier eating habits. 

Perfection is not a realistic expectation, and it’s natural to encounter challenges along the way.

Instead of viewing a slip-up as a failure, try to see it as an opportunity for learning and growth. 

Use it as a chance to reflect on what triggered the craving and how you can better cope with similar situations in the future. 

Turn to God, say your affirmations, reflect, and do better next time. 

With God’s help, you can do this.

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