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A Weight Loss Prayer for Food Obsession

At times, do you feel like you are obsessed with food? Use this weight loss prayer for food obsession to give your obsessions to God and ask for His healing.

Healing is Possible

As someone who has lost 100 pounds, I can honestly share that food and thoughts about food have consumed a great deal of my life. Yet through Christ’s love and grace, I have found freedom from food obsession.

Use this weight loss prayer for food obsession to ask God to guide you in this area.

As much as we obsess about food when we are overweight and eating junk, at times healthy eating and diets can lead to food obsession, too. This is not healthy either, but I encourage you to realize this is part of the process and does not mean you will always obsess about food the way you do today.

This Weight Loss Prayer for Food Obsession is important as you ask God to turn your thoughts continually to Him rather than relying on food or diets for comfort.


A Weight Loss Prayer for Food Obsession

Use this prayer to ask God to gently turn your thoughts away from food and onto your Savior, Jesus.

Heavenly Father,
Sometimes I obsess about food.
Wipe the slate clean of any past sins, obsessions, guilt, patterns, or unhealthy desires I have with food.

I’m ready for a fresh start and a new way. Set my feet on solid ground. Continue to turn my eyes away from food and onto You, Lord.

Thank you, God, for the ways you are changing me today!

A Weight Loss Prayer for Food Obsession

A Weight Loss Prayer for Food Obsession



Saturday 6th of July 2019

Thank you for this prayer site! I have been struggling with the following: Self hatred, obsession with diet, foods, diets, exercise, my appearance, anxiety and depression. I worry about whether I will exercise or nor. And if I may be having a sedentary day of meetings and driving, I am consumed with worry about not exercising and weight gain. All of these worries have consumed me for years and I feel hopeless and ashamed. I don’t even know what is normal. And if God wants me to exercise everyday, than why can’t I always fit it in? Etc. Help please! Thank you 🙏💛

Sara Borgstede

Sunday 7th of July 2019

Hi Lina, Thanks for sharing your struggles. You are certainly not alone. By turning to God for help, you are doing the right thing. God is our source of power! Why do you think God wants you to exercise every day? That sounds unrealistic. We want to take care of our bodies but not be obsessive. You don't have to exercise daily (or even at all) to lose weight.