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A Prayer for Weight Loss

Many of us feel stuck when it comes to our weight and healthy eating. It seems like the pounds are so easy to come on yet so difficult to take off. Still, God tells us He loves and cares for us in all aspects of our life, including our bodies and our weight. Use this prayer for weight loss to ask God for his continued help and direction on your weight loss journey.

A Prayer for Weight Loss

Use this prayer to ask for God’s guidance in your weight loss journey today and in the days to come.

LORD GOD, You are the creator of all that is. You created me and made me who I am. All that I have is from You, and all the good that is in me is because of You. 

I give You my life. I give You my goals. I re-dedicate my body to you today.

I want to become a healthier person in all aspects of my life. Help me focus on you during my weight loss journey. Lead me to make healthy choices in every area of my life.

I give you all glory and praise.

A Prayer for Weight Loss


A Prayer for Weight Loss


Sunday 16th of February 2020

I am struggling with my weight loss