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Christian Accountability Questions For Women

Use these Christian accountability questions for women at church or with accountability partners, asking the hard questions to deepen and grow in your faith.

We all have areas in our lives where we struggle. Whether it’s with food and weight loss, staying on track with our spouse and family, or just trying to keep a regular quiet time with God, the struggle is real. 

Accountability can be a real asset in situations like these. By finding someone with whom we feel comfortable, we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable and honest with someone who has our best interests at heart.

This may be:

  • close friend
  • family member
  • prayer partner
  • small group
  • accountability group

It may be helpful to find someone who has the same struggle you do or who used to have that struggle and is where you’d like to be.

The bottom line is that you want someone you can trust, who is open and honest, and who is willing to ask the hard questions. This will help you stay on track with your goals and continue to strive to become more consistent in each area that you’re working to improve.

Once you’ve found your person or group, set up a regular time weekly that you’d like to check in. This can be an in-person meeting or a phone call; just make sure you establish a regular time that works for both of you and stick to it.

Having someone hold you accountable doesn’t mean you won’t ever fail or “miss the mark.” We all have our days when we eat more than we should, spend more time on social media than with our families, and sleep in instead of reading our Bibles.

The idea of having an accountability partner is that you will have extra support in place to help you see more success in your struggles. Over time, there will be more good days than bad days, and you will be able to establish healthy patterns and habits.

Knowing what kind of questions to ask can help identify weak points in certain areas and help you understand underlying behavioral traits. 

Another quality to look for in accountability is open-ended vs. closed-ended questions. You want questions that require more than a flat “yes” or “no” answer. Ask, or have your accountability partner ask, questions that will get you talking and thinking.

Also, don’t get overwhelmed with the number of accountability questions under each heading. Just pick out a few that you feel would help you the most. Don’t feel like you need all of them each week.

Continue reading to see the benefits of accountability questions in different areas and find out what kinds of questions need to be asked.

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Accountability Questions For Physical Health & Weight Loss

When it comes to health and weight loss, having an accountability partner can be a real asset. It’s easy to feel confident when making changes and planning new food strategies or workout routines, but the execution of those things can be tough.

A week or so in, we can begin to lose our motivation and start to backslide into old habits and behaviors. Having someone ask you a few of these questions can help you stay on track and also identify areas of weakness. 

1. What are 3 specific goals you would like to reach with your weight loss or physical health goals?

2. What is your strategy for reaching your goals?

3. What was your greatest success this week?

4. What changes did you make this week to take better care of your body?

5. What do you say to motivate yourself daily? 

6. How did what you ate this week make you feel?

7. Did you exercise this week? How did that make you feel?

8. If you could change one thing about your choices this week, what would it be?

9. If you could repeat one thing about your choices this week, what would it be?

10. What was your biggest struggle this week?

11. What can you learn from that struggle?

12. What is something you can do to keep this struggle from sabotaging your progress?

13. What kind of progress have you made this week?

14. What social situations did you deal with this week? How did you handle them?

15. What do you do for daily physical exercise?

16. What kind of food were you craving this week? How did you handle those cravings?

17. How much water did you drink daily?

18. What kind of emotions preceded your food binge?

19. How can you handle your emotions without food?

20. How can you give God glory this week in overcoming the strongholds in your life?

Accountability Questions For Marriage, Family, & Relationships

Having an accountability partner when it comes to your marriage and family can be extremely valuable. They can help you stay on track when it comes to goals you have and ways you’d like to improve your family relationships.

Family can be the hardest relationship to maintain in our lives. We are often the most comfortable with our husbands, kids, and extended family, and that comfort can lean towards apathy in those interactions.

Setting goals, evaluating progress, and maintaining thriving relationships are necessary to keep our families healthy. And having someone who can hold you accountable for those goals and ask the right questions is key.

1. How has technology hindered your time spent with family this week? 

2. How have you made time daily to spend with your husband?

3. How have you been intentional with the words you’ve used towards your kids and spouse?

4. How have you made God a focal point in your family life this week?

5. In what ways do you think you succeeded this week with your family?

6. In what ways did you struggle with your family this week? Why do you think that was?

7. How did you make strides to prioritize your family this week?

8. How were you transparent in your financial dealings with your spouse?

9. In what ways did you pour into your kids this week?

10. Did you establish healthy boundaries with your family?

11. How have you maintained healthy family boundaries this week?

12. How did your family relationships honor and glorify God this week?

13. How were you able to show your husband love this week?

14. How were you able to show your kids love this week?

15. How were you able to work on repairing a hurt family relationship?

16. How do you think you showed your family God’s love this week?

17. What truths did you learn about yourself this week?

18. What strengths can you build on this week?

19. What weaknesses can you work on overcoming this week?

20. How did you struggle with explicit materials this week? How can you overcome that this week?

Accountability Questions For Daily Time In God’s Word

You will find nothing more valuable or rewarding than spending time daily in God’s Word. Soaking in His presence and hearing what He has to say to you is a priceless gift.

And yet, it seems like anything and everything gets in the way of us making time to read our Bibles. We have all the good intentions, but it can seem like fighting an uphill battle.

Knowing someone will ask you the following questions and hold you accountable for time spent with God, can be incredibly helpful. By keeping you faithful with time spent in God’s Word, you will begin to establish a routine that will soon become your most longed-for part of the day.

1. What did you read in your Bible today?

2. What chapter/verse did you study this week?

3. How did you take a deeper dive into God’s Word this week?

4. What did God reveal to you from His Word?

5. What did you learn this week that you didn’t know before?

6. How did you feel while studying God’s Word this week?

7. What obstacles have come up to prevent you from getting into God’s Word?

8. How did you handle those obstacles?

9. What can you do differently this week to stay on track with your daily time with God?

10. How can you order your day to make reading God’s Word a priority?

11. How has God blessed your life through more time spent reading the Bible?

12. What changes have you seen in yourself since spending more time in the Word?

13. How has daily Bible reading affected your family life?

14. How has daily Bible reading affected your relationships with friends and co-workers?

15. How have you felt an increased desire to spend time in God’s presence? 

Accountability Questions For Growing In The Fruit Of The Spirit

As we spend more time studying God’s Word, we will see the fruits of the Holy Spirit grow in our life. We definitely need to be held accountable in this area of our lives. If we’re not growing in the Spirit, we are remaining stagnant, and that’s not a place we want to find ourselves.

We should be striving to become more and more like Jesus everyday, and developing these fruits is the way to do it. Read on to find out what questions can help hold you accountable to developing these attributes in your life. 

1. How do you see the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in your life?

2. In what areas of your life have you sensed spiritual growth?

3. What fears do you have about giving in to the Holy Spirit?

4. How do you think cultivating the fruit of the Spirit will change your life?

5. How will cultivating the fruit of the Spirit change your family’s life?

6. What is the progression of growing spiritual fruit?

7. In what ways have you struggled with growing spiritually this week?

8. In what ways have you seen growth spiritually this week?

9. How can you combat spiritual warfare this week?

10. How do you plan to grow the fruit of the Spirit in your life this week?

11. What kind of opposition have you felt when trying to grow spiritually this week?

12. In what ways can you combat opposition to spiritual growth this week?

13. How has Christ been victorious in your life this week?

14. In what ways have you seen fruits of the Spirit growing in your life? Be specific.

15. In what ways have you struggled with your sinful nature this week?

Check out this link for more Christian accountability questions for women.

Portrait of a blonde businesswoman in formal wear looking down and thinking christian accountability questions for women

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