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3 Prayers Of Freedom To Find Inner Healing And Peace

Seeking freedom from emotional or spiritual burdens? Discover how prayers for freedom can guide you towards healing, peace, and the life God intends for you.

Do you struggle with anxiety or a feeling of hopelessness? Are you trying hard but failing in overcoming negative thoughts? Are you weighed down by regret or painful memories, longing for a deep, unshakeable peace? If so, you are not alone!

So many things can keep you from spiritual freedom. Unresolved pain, worry, negative thought patterns, or feeling distant from God can cause you to feel burdened and prevent you from feeling the peace you crave. Even things like being too busy or having unrealistic expectations that cause continuing disappointment can become an obstacle to your freedom.

The longing for freedom from all the things that weigh you down and cause you to feel emotionally and spiritually burdened is a longing that is shared by so many others! Almost everyone is searching for a way to manage their pain, to put aside their regret, to figure out how to soothe their troubled heart and find some lasting peace.

Spiritual freedom and inner healing are truly only possible if you surrender control of your painful situations over to God and trust Him for the outcome. When anxiety and fear begin to overcome you and weaken your peace and calm, the power of prayer can bring you back to a place of calm and quiet comfort.

Prayer is a direct line of communication with God, a source of strength, comfort, and guidance. When you pray, you are communicating with God in the same way you would communicate with a close friend or a family member.

You don’t need to be in a special place or use fancy language to talk to God. He longs to hear what your heart desires, and what you are worried about; through your prayers, He will grant you the peace you are craving.

Are you seeking freedom from emotional or spiritual burdens? Discover how prayers for freedom can guide you towards healing, peace, and the life God intends for you.

This article explores the transformative power of prayer to guide you towards true inner healing and peace and unlock freedom and experience the abundant life God desires for you.

Prayer 1—Freedom From The Past

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The impact of the past

Past events can have a great impact on your life and your well-being. Experiencing chronic or unresolved pain — both physical and emotional — can disrupt your life in many different ways and cause you to be reluctant to participate in work or social activities, impacting relationships and causing feelings of frustration and anxiety.

Unresolved trauma can continue to affect you in a negative way, threatening you long after the original event or incident has taken place. It affects your behavior, your mental state, and your ability to function.

When you go through trauma or a difficult circumstance, you might feel like blaming yourself for the problem, even if it was not your fault. Shame and guilt will add to your stress and pain. You might also blame someone else if they were responsible for the trauma, causing you to feel anger, grief or betrayal.

Forgiveness as key

When dealing with negative experiences and trauma, forgiveness is the key to freedom. You want to be free of past offenses that trouble you, but you still carry bitter memories and hard feelings toward those who have wronged you. Forgiveness prayers will give you the release from the past you seek.

When you forgive it is not forgetting or condoning another’s sin or past actions towards you; instead, it is releasing your own resentment and anger towards them. This is a choice for your freedom from the past, releasing its weight upon your heart.

Forgiving yourself is also important, because it can be just as much an obstacle to peace as not forgiving another person. Just as God has forgiven you without reservation, fully and freely, forgive yourself for whatever you have done or failed to do in the past.

A prayer for freedom from the past

Here is a prayer you can pray to gain freedom from the past:

Dear God, I come before you, in pain and struggling to forget these things that have happened to me in the past. I ask for your help in releasing those who have caused me hurt; I give them into your care now.

Take away the burden of the pain they have caused and help me to release resentment and anger towards them. Help me to choose forgiveness for them and also for myself.

Please heal my woundedness and bring peace to my heart and wholeness to my soul. Give me the courage to look forward to a peaceful future, and not backward to the past, trusting you to walk closely with me.


Explore more prayers for forgiveness in this helpful resource from The Prayer Pocket. 

Prayer 2—Freedom from Negative Thoughts

The Power of thoughts

Your thoughts have great power, as they are able to shape your beliefs, emotions, and experiences. They can impact your reality and influence your actions.

Master’s Counselling, a counseling group based in Calgary, explains how our thoughts, emotions and actions are interconnected:

“Thoughts, emotions, and actions are deeply interconnected aspects of our human experience. Each one influences and shapes the others, creating a complex web that can greatly impact our mental and emotional well-being… 

Thoughts are the mental processes through which we interpret and make sense of the world around us. They are the internal dialogue that constantly runs through our minds, influencing our perceptions, emotions, and behaviors. By recognizing the role thoughts play in shaping our experiences, we can gain insight into the factors driving our emotions and actions.

Master’s Counselling

Negative thought patterns

Negative thought patterns are particularly powerful and can become a big obstacle in your life. Some common negative thought patterns include catastrophizing, overgeneralizing, and jumping to conclusions — all of which cause you to form a negative conclusion from a single event or without any other supporting facts to sustain your assumption.

Other negative thought patterns such as self-criticism, fear-based thinking and reliving regrets lead to a cycle of negative emotions that is hard to break, and can affect your actions as you act in fear to prevent a negative outcome or make negative assumptions that affect your decision-making.

If you struggle with negative thoughts, remember to follow the advice shared by the apostle Paul in Philippians 4:8:

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

Philippians 4:8

Take your negative thoughts captive and replace them with God’s truth.

A Prayer for freedom from negative thoughts

Here is a prayer you can pray when you are seeking freedom from negative thoughts:

Dear God, please help me to gain freedom from negative thought patterns. Satan wants me to be focused on only bad things and is actively trying to get me to forget the peace you give. Protect me from thoughts that will sabotage my faith and strength.

Help me to identify negative, harmful patterns and replace them with your truth. Help me to reject the lies and instead learn to rely on the truth of your Word. Give me the strength to guard my thoughts and focus on loving you so I can fully experience the joy you give.

Cause the Holy Spirit to remind me of what I already know, so that my mind is renewed; please transform me by the renewing of my mind so that I can know your will for my life and trust in it as you walk with me daily.


Prayer 3—Freedom to Live in God’s Presence

True freedom in Christ

The freedom God offers you in Christ is freedom from the power of sin in your life. Satan wants nothing more than to obstruct your relationship with God, and sin does just that. Christ has set you free through His sacrificial death, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you are now free to follow and serve Christ in ways that please and glorify Him.

You can be confident before God because of your position in Christ, and you can approach God at any time to receive grace and mercy. Ultimate freedom is found in a close relationship with God. Explore how to grow your confidence in Christ with this helpful resource. 

Obstacles to connection

Be aware that there are obstacles to your connection with God. Distractions can keep you focused on the wrong things. Spiritual complacency can cause you to get out of the habit of prayer and reading your Bible and this will put distance between you and God.

Sometimes a distorted view of God can appear, such as when too many difficulties make you feel that God is punishing you or that He is distant and doesn’t care about what is happening in your life.

You might find that when facing things which make you anxious and discouraged, you let your mind go to the worst-case scenario, allowing fear to have free reign in your heart. When this happens, it is important to get your focus back on God.

Tracie Braylock shares about this kind of situation in a devotional about finding peace in the midst of chaos: 

…wherever I decided to place my attention determined what I would experience…  What I needed to do was adjust my focus, placing it solely on God and trusting that He had everything under control. Only when I made God the center of my focus did I begin to experience the truth of Isaiah 26:3, which says: ‘You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.’ 
Shifting my attention enabled me to experience His peace, joy and hope even in the midst of the chaos surrounding me.
No matter what’s going on in the world, your home or your life, you can choose to focus your heart and mind on God. When you choose Him above all else, you can experience His perfect peace in every situation.”

Tracie Braylock

A Prayer for freedom to live in God’s presence 

Here is a prayer you can pray to help you gain freedom to live in God’s presence:

Dear God, thank you that you are always close to me, ready to carry my burdens. You want me to give you all my worries and distractions, so here I am, offering them to you.

Please help me to find freedom from anxiety; take away my worry and replace it with your peace. Let your presence remind me to not focus on the things that are distracting me and pulling me away from seeing you and what you are doing in my life.

I want to have a deeper intimacy with you, so help me to focus on you instead of on worldly things, or on my fears and concerns. Please draw me back to you when I am tempted to listen to my fears and anxieties.

I crave your presence with me and in me, bringing peace and wholeness to my life. Please help me.


The Journey to Freedom

Freedom as a process

Finding peace in God and spiritual freedom is not a one-time event. It is a journey, a process of remaining close to God in relationship and coming back to Him over and over again when you fall into negative thought patterns or pull away from Him as you remember past hurts and struggle to forgive.

The role of Grace

You can rely upon God’s grace and ongoing support in the process of living a life of spiritual freedom. God will be gracious to you always, as He works within you.

These Bible verses on freedom in Christ will help you understand what God’s Word says about how you are free in Christ.

Practical tips

There are various practices that can help you in your journey to freedom. Bible study is a very important habit to cultivate, because God’s Word will provide you with all the reassurance and guidance you need to maintain a close relationship with God.

Journaling can be helpful in discovering negative thought patterns as you pour out your thoughts in written form; journaling is also a great way to focus on gratitude which will help you reframe any tendency you might have towards negative thoughts.

Worship and fellowship are important aspects of a close relationship with God. Worship reminds you of God’s greatness and His love and care for you, while fellowship provides the love and support of fellow believers who understand you well and who can come alongside you in prayer and support.

FAQs About Prayers of Freedom

How do I know if I’ve truly forgiven someone?

An indication of having forgiven someone is when the first thought you have about them is not the injury they caused you. In addition, if you have stopped hoping they will fail or get punished in some way, it is a sign you have finally forgiven them. Forgiveness means you have stopped keeping a record of their wrongs against you.

If you continue to struggle and are not sure you have actually granted forgiveness, don’t stress about it too much.  Keep on praying and asking God to continue the work of forgiveness in your heart.

What if negative thoughts keep returning?

If negative thoughts keep returning, keep seeking God for help to reframe your thoughts to find the positive in your situation. God will never get tired of you coming to Him for help with a recurring problem. He will always be available to help you.

How can I make prayer a regular part of my life?

Some good suggestions for making prayer a part of your daily routine are:

  • Have a regular prayer time — have a set time for prayer and protect it from interruptions.
  • Have a regular prayer place — find a peaceful location and make it your place of prayer.
  • Have a regular prayer plan — use your Bible as a prayer guide or pray through lists of requests while also being sensitive to what the Spirit leads you to pray.

Can I find freedom even if my circumstances don’t change?

You have freedom in God through Christ, and nothing can take that away. Your freedom is not based on external circumstances. In fact, the Bible promises that you will have trials and difficulties in your life, but God also promises to help you face those difficulties. Keep your focus on God so that you can sense His peace, joy and rest on the inside even if it is not present on the outside.

Seek Freedom in God

If you are seeking freedom from emotional or spiritual burdens, remember you have access to God through prayer. He will help you as you seek freedom from the past and struggle with forgiving those who may have hurt you. He will answer your prayers for help in finding freedom from negative thoughts and help you to focus your thoughts on things that are lovely, pure, and noble. God will be close to you as you walk in His presence on your journey to spiritual freedom.

Here is a prayer of blessing for you as you seek freedom in God:

Thank you, Heavenly Father, that you have made it possible to be free through Christ. Thank you for the assurance of John 8:36 that says that if the Son has set you free, you are free indeed. 

Please be with my sister as she seeks freedom from her spiritual and emotional burdens. Draw close to her and help her with any unresolved pain, negative thoughts, or persistent anxieties that trouble her.

Give her the lasting inner peace she desires and help her to weather any external struggles she is facing such as unhealthy relationships, overwhelming demands, and a lack of purpose. When she is struggling, bring to her mind Bible verses about freedom and grant her the peace she desires as she trusts in you.


“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Galatians 5:1
A graphic image with text overlay that reads as: 3 Prayers Of Freedom To Find Inner Healing And Peace. In the left side is a photo of a woman wuth curly hair looking directly in the light.

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